What Will Happen To This Beautiful Environment Due To Global Warming?

What Will Happen To This Beautiful Environment Due To Global Warming?

What Will Happen To This Beautiful Environment Due To Global Warming? Latha and the four-limbed animals have caught your eye in the long journey from the origin of life on Earth to the present day through various stages of evolution. We know that living things on Earth are constantly interacting with living things, living and inanimate, and inanimate and inanimate. 

The time has come to pay special attention to the vast biodiversity that has emerged on Earth. In the context of the Biodiversity Convention, biodiversity refers to the diversity of life from all sources. Because terrestrial oceans and other ecosystems, all the ecological complexes to which they belong are included in this definition. 

There are three main components to talking about biodiversity. That is, 

01. Genetic diversity 

02. Biodiversity 

03. Ecosystem is diversity. 

Genetic diversity is the diversity of organisms within the same species due to the genetic number of organisms within a species and the diversity of DNA bases. For example, they differ in fingerprints, color, face, personality, and shape. Interbreeding is said to be a species of organism that can produce fertile offspring. 

The number of such species and the diversity that exists between those species is the diversity of species. It is estimated that there are about 30 million species in the biosphere, but only 1.4 million have been identified. Biodiversity, The diversity between habitats and ecosystems, is called ecosystem diversity.

Did you know that these beautiful ecosystems are changing with global warming?

What Will Happen To This Beautiful Environment Due To Global Warming?

Our evolution in genealogy begins with Homo habilis man. Today we are going through the evolutionary period of Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens or intelligent man We are. We are the creators of natural disasters such as catastrophic tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, which are more destructive than warfare or terrorist activities. Many of these disasters are related to the amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

What we are doing to these destructions is to bring about the immediate destruction of the entire ecosystem. Due to our reckless actions, biodiversity is being destroyed, and food shortages and water crises are being created. Moreover, the whole world could be desertified. The balance of the world cannot be achieved by man alone. All environmental factors are required for that.

Thus the greenhouse effect is an essential process, and global warming is a natural process. What is the crisis here? Human activity increases the amount of air in the atmosphere. It activates the greenhouse effect to a more advanced degree. Accordingly, the atmosphere’s temperature rises steadily in a way that does not allow it to adapt to life. Atmospheric warming is related to climate by influencing climatic factors.

This is exacerbated by a positive feedback mechanism. Consider a few examples. Glowing surfaces reflect more sunlight than darker surfaces. As global warming increases, bright covers are removed, and darker surfaces are increased.

 An increase in the concentration of atmospheric water vapor is an example. We are constantly emitting water vapor into the atmosphere. As a result, global warming is increasing. Increasing global warming is also improving water vapor emissions.

What Will Happen To This Beautiful Environment Due To Global Warming?

Forests and marine vegetation absorb about half of what is added to the air each year by human activities. As global warming increases, seaweed and forests are dying. As the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by these communities decreases, so does the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Methane gas can be considered here in the associated feedback mechanism.

These nutrient-rich nutrients contribute to the doubling and triples of global warming, even due to small human activities. Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, and floods can be seen in movies, but the day of experience will not be far off. Temperatures have risen as high as 0.8 degrees Celsius in recent decades. If we continue to emit carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, global warming will increase by 6.6 degrees Celsius in the next decade.

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