What Happens To Us If There Is A Black Hole Where The Sun Is? We cannot look directly at the Sun. Never try for that. Imagine if the Sun were just a light. Why would it be so difficult for us to look directly at the Sun? This is because the Sun is not the only evil that exists in the naked eye. The Sun emits both ultraviolet light and ultraviolet radiation. That light can even burn our delicate contact lenses. 

Also, when we look at the Sun, we see that it is not the actual Sun. A past view of the Sun that existed about 8 minutes ago. Because it takes about 8 minutes to 20 minutes for light to reach the Earth from the Sun, although the light is super fast, there is a limit to the speed of light. For that reason, we can see the light of the Sun for about 8 minutes, even though the Sun had gone out a few minutes earlier. 

Light is such a wonderful thing. What happens when there is no light is just as impressive. Astronomers are currently studying the environment around the black holes of the Stella Mask type, which have no light.  

I will simply explain what black holes are.

If you jump on the ground, it will immediately fall to the ground. If you want to go beyond the surface of the Earth, you have to travel at high speeds. That speed is called the escape velocity or skip speed in astronomy. The rate required to escape from the Earth’s gravity and escape from its surface is 11 kilometers per second. Because the Moon is smaller in mass than the Earth, the speed required to escape from its surface and escape into space is much slower than that of the Earth. Therefore, even at speeds of up to two miles [2 km] per second, it can escape the Moon.

What Happens To Us If There Is A Black Hole Where The Sun Is?

The same goes for black holes. Because of the infinite gravitational pull of black holes, even light cannot escape through a black hole. This means that light tries to escape from the surface of the black hole but falls into the black hole. To escape the strong gravitational pull of a black hole, it needs to travel faster than the speed of light. If we look at a black hole, we see no light because a black hole is an object that absorbs light, not an object that emits light.

If you can compress an object so tightly that it freezes in a very small space, you too can create a black hole. But it must be a very small space relative to the previous object. For example, if the Earth were pushed as small as a coin, a black hole would form. Gravity can do this miracle. By now, gravity may be turning a star into a black hole. Stars like our Sun remain unbalanced in space thanks to two major forces.

The first force can be called the force of gravity.

Due to the effect of gravity, the mass of a star always needs to be pushed together and become smaller and smaller. It can be called a force that pushes inward from its surface. The opposite force that rises above it is thermal energy. It makes a push-up from the center. That force is due to the nuclear fusion process that takes place inside the star. So as long as these two forces are balanced in this way, the stars will not split. But as a star nears the end of its life, the heat-producing hydrogen fuel runs out.

Then gravity overcomes and pushes the star inside, reducing the size of the star. If the star were large enough, nature would have no power to fight gravity. Eventually, all the mass of that star is pushed up to a tiny point by gravity to form a black hole. So black holes of the Stella Mask type are invisible bodies of stars, so to speak. Black holes are everywhere in our universe. There are also black holes in the night sky that we cannot see.

 So what happens if we make the Sun a black hole?

Imagine that one morning you saw a black hole with a mass equal to the mass of the Sun instead of the Sun; How will it be? Remember, it cannot be called morning. Because if there was a black hole where the Sun was, we would never see animals as night and day again. We are trapped in eternal darkness. That night sky will not be like the night sky tonight.

Because the Moon will never appear to us again, this is because the Moon reflects the Sun from the world, and the Moon does not appear because it has no light to reflect. But something strange appears in the sky with black holes. That is, a black hole can distort the reflection of nearby stars. This means that the visible objects behind it are distorted to form a ring around the black hole. It will be a wonderful sight to amaze the viewer.

What Happens To Us If There Is A Black Hole Where The Sun Is?

 The Sun is the only external heat source on our planet, so if the Sun had a black hole in place, the entire planet would be in a state of extreme cold. The atmosphere freezes and falls like snow. The whole planet becomes one giant ice ball. But here’s something you need to keep in mind. That is, a black hole is a cold object that has no temperature inside but can get hotter outside.

This is happening around powerful black holes like Super Massive. But no such effect can be seen around the black hole of the Stella Mask type we are talking about here. Because if there is not enough material to fall into the black hole, it is a very cold environment around the black hole. Astronomers say that we can only get the same amount of energy from the Sun near a black hole that is a thousand times more massive than the Sun. Therefore, life on Earth could not exist near a black hole as massive as the Sun.

Becomes an uninhabitable place. But one animal we know of is able to inhabit the Earth. That is, organisms called tardigrade. We have never seen anyone who is able to survive in such harsh environments as the Mozbigalus voter bears. This is because they can survive under extreme heat and pressure, as well as in space. These creatures lived on Earth long before dinosaurs appeared. Because the Earth’s interior has a separate heat source, the bacteria that live there can survive for millions of years. Then, gradually, life on Earth will disappear.

What Happens To Us If There Is A Black Hole Where The Sun Is?

 So what will happen to humans on Earth because of the black hole sun?

Here you have to correct something you misunderstood. That is, if the Sun eventually becomes a black hole, its diameter will not be larger than 6 km. That black hole is not as far away as the Sun is today, and it does not have the same mass as it did, so a black hole of that size would not be able to exert the same gravitational pull on the Earth and other planets as before. And theoretically, there are no such black holes in the universe. Because to be a black hole, we must have ten times the mass of the Sun.

So here we are talking about a black hole that can travel safely around the Earth like the mass of the Sun. Experts have now discovered that a planet can orbit a black hole in a stable, secure orbit. Therefore, if we were to replace the Sun with a black hole, our Earth would orbit the black hole in the same way it would orbit the Sun. That’s good news for us humans, so it’s a misconception that a black hole is an object that swallows everything. A black hole swallows something only if it gets closer to it. The same is true for the stars.

What Happens To Us If There Is A Black Hole Where The Sun Is?

You will not be happy with what I am going to say now. We cannot have black holes on the surface of the Earth orbiting the Sun. Because the Earth’s atmosphere is frozen and frozen over, the surface is frozen. Therefore, we can live only under the sea. People can live in giant submarines. An example of such a world is Jupiter’s Europa.

So you know what happens if there is a black hole where the Sun is.

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