Is The Giant Of The Earth Still Alive?

As a giant among giants… I called the giant of the earth the dinosaurs we all know. It is estimated that dinosaurs became extinct on Earth 66 million years ago. It is widely believed that a series of catastrophic climatic catastrophes caused by space destruction, such as a comet or meteorite colliding with the Earth, may have been responsible for the farewell of these giants. There is a crater in the “Chicksalub” in Mexico that is considered to be the wound to the earth that used to transfer dinosaurs. In a matter of hours, most of these giants would have been violently killed in a space rocket that caused a terrifying explosion of hundreds of thousands of atomic bombs.

They are called “dinosaurs” in Greek, meaning “terrible reptile”. Mammals were born after the extinction of dinosaurs. They have begun to rule the earth just as the dinosaurs did.

The giant among these giant… In mankind there are miraculous beasts in the mythical stories passed down from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. With the latest discoveries made by archaeologists, the appearance of dinosaurs is becoming more and more similar to that of fictional creatures in mythology. Is this a hint that these dinosaurs still live on Earth without us knowing and have been around for a long time?

Can dinosaurs survive only in the ocean? If they are safe somewhere on land, where can they be?

                                                            YES or NO

Thus, although we can assume that the massive dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth and completely extinct the catastrophe that engulfed the planet 66 million years ago, we still have the unresolved question of whether the giants that inhabited the ocean were completely extinct or part of them, but their celestial companions are tragic. It is clear that fate has come a long way.

No mystery arises in the world without some source that is hard to prove, that cannot be broken.

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