What if the entire planet loses oxygen in 5 seconds? Has practical experience. Imagine you are walking down the street. Then there was a big fire on the road. When that poisonous smoke comes to you with the wind, what do you do? Right? It may take a few seconds. We cannot breathe without oxygen.

So can you live forever without oxygen? Oxygen is essential for every living thing and every plant in the world. Lack of oxygen is the end of the whole animal and plant world. This fact is something we all know from childhood.

We will go beyond that and focus on a few instances where oxygen has disappeared from the Earth. There is no need to think that it will disappear forever. Think about losing oxygen for five seconds. So a completely different environment is being created to the one you see today. If that happens, everything made of concrete will fall to the ground. is that so? No, every concrete and every construction in the world is collapsing.

What is the reason?

Oxygen acts as a special binder in the concrete composition. Therefore, if the oxygen bound in this way is removed from the concrete, the strength of the concrete disappears. As a result, the concrete turns to dust. And every object made of metal will shrink. Why? Oxygen is also removed from metals.

What about other things made by a man with the help of oxygen?

Yes. But it is the same fate. Did you know that if we lose oxygen, it destroys our ozone layer? The ozone layer protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This ozone layer is made up of oxygen. As a result of the depletion of the ozone layer without oxygen, we all begin to burn our skin. It is hazardous. This ozone layer will be our only savior to protect us from the harmful and harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you lose oxygen, you will not be able to breathe for a few seconds. But you think you will live in those seconds.

With the loss of oxygen from the world, the destruction of your inner body begins. The first shot hits your ear. With the loss of oxygen from the Earth, our inner ear explodes. That means your ears will be completely gone in a few seconds. This is because the pressure of the atmosphere changes adversely with the loss of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. That difference is similar to a drop of water falling two miles [2 km] above sea level. Our ears cannot adapt to such a sudden change. In addition, it damages our brain. Damage to the lungs. Then every cell of hers begins to disintegrate. They are converted into hydrogen gases and added to the atmosphere.

What do we lose when we lose oxygen?

The most crucial milestone or turning point in human evolution was the discovery of fire and the wheel. When we lose oxygen, we lose both of these again. We cannot start a fire. It also stops the combustion process in vehicles. All non-electric aircraft and cars are inactive. If that happened then every plane in the sky would crash. All cars on the road are currently parked. The sky on Earth is completely black. Because the blue sky we see day and night is made up of tiny oxygen particles in the atmosphere. If that happened, Earth would have only 24 hours at night.

The oceans, which make up 70% of the world’s population, are about to freeze. Every drop of water is converted into hydrogen. That is, H2O becomes H2. As a result, oceans and rivers, streams, reservoirs, and all these rivers dry up. With all this happening, the Earth’s surface we are traveling on is about to collapse completely. Like in the 2012 movie. About 45% of the Earth’s surface is made up of oxygen, so the Earth’s surface collapses inward, leaving nothing behind. Then the Earth will take the form of a hot, dry planet.

Remember, every change we talk about happens when oxygen disappears from the Earth in less than five seconds. These are just a few examples. There are many more. What did we miss? For the knowledge of all of us, you can comment on these points. Only 21% of the Earth’s atmosphere is oxygen. This small percentage is also declining due to human activities. This 21% is something we have to use from birth to death.

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