A UK based veterinary surgeon has announced that these breeds aren’t cute but cruel showing a pic of the cutest flat faced Persian cat in the background. You would not be surprised if this adorable hairy ball had an Instagram page with thousands of followers.

These pet breeds are cute but actually they are not, How could it be possible for someone to say that they are cruel? But in a series of revealing TikTok videos, Cat the Vet exposes all of the popular and steadfast pet breeds that suffer from very serious health issues.

The Animals that people think are cute but Aren’t video series it truly shows the uncut side of our beloved creatures that is often overlooked. From Scottish fold and flat-faced puppies to munchkin and Persian cats, Cat’s videos will provide you with an entire new attitude at the perfect trait of ‘’cuteness’’ in pets and how, in fact, debilitating it is able to truly be to them.


#answer to @ericbmelchor This was the start of an amazing series for me & helped so many people realise how our pets can suffer. #catthevadoc

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#1 Scottish Fold Cats

These Pet Breeds Are Cute But Actually They Are Not

isn’t the look on his face so adorable?

Does one apprehend why their ears are fold? It is because the weak, rubbish cartilage in them, that makes them collapse under their own weight. But it is not that good excuse for breeding a cat that spends most of its life whole halting and finally ends up being euthanized extremely really early as it cannot even walk.

If you see these cats getting used by brands for advertising or touted by celebrities because the latest factor to have please allow them to apprehend this can be not cute. This can be cruel.

#2 Flat faced dog breeds

These Pet Breeds Are Cute But Actually They Are Not

These dogs have wonderful personalities and build extraordinary pets, however we’ve got to speak concerning however they suffer for the manner they look. several of those dogs struggle to breathe normally, beginning with nostrils that are usually simply small very little slits, and their faces is also flat on the skin but on the within they often have nearly the maximum amount tissue as a dog with a standard length nose, which will very compromise their airways. You recognize those cute footage
everywhere the web of dogs falling asleep with toys in their mouths or their heads propped up? They are doing that when they relax, all that additional tissue at the rear of their mouths fully collapses, and while not the toy or propping their head up, they might virtually suffocate whereas they sleep.

They conjointly suffer with uncountable skin problems, notably sweaty, restless skin folds. Painful dental decay is common because constant quantity of teeth as a standard dog’ is jammed into this small space. spinal abnormalities are very common, which means they’ll struggle to steer and become paralyzed. And cute, bulging eyes means that they regularly suffer with painful eye problems.”

#3 Munchkin Cats

These Pet Breeds Are Cute But Actually They Are Not

These cats have a chromosomal mutation that produces their legs extremely short. Ipurchase why individuals like them, however that doesn’t change the actual fact that we tend to are deliberately breeding cats with a draining genetic mutation, simply because we expect they give the impression of being cute.

Just watch how active normal cats are how much they like to run and jump and play. Munchkin cats still have those instincts because we’ve deliberately restricted them.
X-rays show simply how ill-shapen their limbs and joints really are. Look however swish and straight the traditional cat’ one is, compared to how short and twisted the Munchkin cat’ ones are. See how smooth and clean the joint within the normal cat compared to how atrocious and gnarled the one in the Munchkin cat is.

This suggests they’re not only physically restricted in how much they can move, however this joint would be extremely painful as well.

International Cat Care, one among the leading scientific bodies for feline analysis in the world, create this statement regarding Munchkin cats: “Our position on breeding cats is that 1st no damage should be done. If there’s even the littlest likelihood that having this ‘look’ causes problems, then we must always not be acceptive of it as a breed supported a genetic deformity.”

#4 Toad Bulldog, Or Exotic Bully

These Pet Breeds Are Cute But Actually They Are Not

Can you see the form of the limbs on this poor dog. That is primarily elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, atrocious arthritis, fully and utterly preordained.

These dogs struggle heaps to even walk. I cannot fathom why would prefer to breed a dog that is clearly reaching to suffer for the method it’s for its entire life. In some countries, manufacturing these dogs is illegitimate as a result of it’ classed as ‘torture breeding’. And of course, simply to feature injury to insult, they invariably chop their ears off.”

#5 Flat Faced Cat Breeds

These Pet Breeds Are Cute But Actually They Are Not

They have tiny nostrils that inevitably make it really hardtop breath as there is no room for their teeth they most probably suffer from dental issues their brain shape causes series brain problems and it is even impossible for their tears to drain properly because of their flat face and also tears makes their faces really sticky, dirty, painful infected skin on their face.

Their big eyes are really vulnerable to problems and the only thing left as a good thing is their fluffy thick coat.

#6 Pekingese Dogs

These Pet Breeds Are Cute But Actually They Are Not

They suffer from lot of problems like eye, breathing, skinfold problems. When you compare their skeleton with normal dog’s skeleton you can see why they suffer the most and also they cannot bear up the heat mainly because of their flat face.

Here you can see in this picture the dog is sitting on an ice pack.

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