Losing a job is undoubtedly tough, but maintaining a sense of humor can make the experience more bearable. One woman, famously known as “the. marchie” on TikTok , turned her job loss into a lighthearted and entertaining moment by pulling off a hilarious prank. Using sticky notes hidden strategically around the office, she captured her coworkers’ reactions in a TikTok video that quickly went viral.

Her prank was brilliantly simple, yet effective. Armed with sticky notes, she scattered them throughout the office, creatively numbering them in a misleading fashion that left her colleagues wondering if they had discovered them all. The video of this ingenious prank garnered immense popularity online, as people relished in the chaos and amusement it brought.


Image credits: @the.marchie


Image credits: @the.marchie


Image credits: @the.marchie


Image credits: @the.marchie

It’s not uncommon to witness pranks in various settings, such as schools and universities, where legendary pranks have become part of tradition. For instance, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have a tradition of placing peculiar objects on the Great Dome of their campus, while engaging in a friendly prank war with students from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

While pranks can sometimes be seen as a form of retaliation against a former workplace, it is crucial to keep them light-hearted and harmless. Engaging in harmful or illegal actions is never an appropriate response. Instead, finding healthy ways to cope with job loss, particularly when circumstances are beyond an employee’s control, is more constructive. Factors like economic downturns or poor sales can lead to terminations, and it’s essential to recognize that retaliation is rare in such cases.

For the woman in the viral TikTok video, her office prank showcased a creative and humorous approach to dealing with a challenging situation. Pranks can offer a sense of satisfaction without resorting to harmful behavior. Ultimately, fostering a fair and considerate work environment is essential for managers to ensure productivity and maintain a positive atmosphere.

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