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Have you ever seen a “ghost apple”? It’s not an apple, but a rare occurrence in nature when freezing rain coats a fruit, like an apple, with a thin layer of ice. This makes the fruit appear like a glass apple, but it’s made of ice! That’s why it’s called a “ghost apple.” These fantastic images of ghost apples have recently been shared on micro-blogging site by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra, and they’ve been creating quite a buzz. Nature can be an incredible artist; these ghost apples are a perfect example of their creativity.


Some fantastic pictures were shared online a few years ago and quickly became trendy. These pictures were taken by a man named Andrew Sietsema in a snowy orchard in western Michigan, USA. In an interview with CNN in 2019, he also explained the fascinating phenomenon behind what he called ‘ghost apples.’


“I think the weather was just right – not too cold, but not too warm – which caused the apple to freeze on the outside but turn into mush on the inside. You see, apples freeze at a lower temperature than water. When I trimmed a tree, the apple would shake, and the mushy part would slip out, leaving behind a ‘ghost apple.’


Kabra explained why this happens in his tweet using the hashtag #GhostApples. Ghost Apples are a rare occurrence where freezing rain covers decaying apples before they drop from the tree. As the apple decays and becomes soft, it slips out of the icy shell, leaving the frozen coating still hanging on the tree.



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