There are a lot of people in the world that have some scars on their skin but most of them hate these ugly scars and birthmarks. There are many ways to transform these scars into fashion art as well. Tattoos are one of the most popular way to cover them.

Good tattoo artists can transform these blemishes and scars into attractive body art. Not only beauty some of these tattoo arts are funny. Here are some images below. Maybe some tattoo arts will blow your mind check them out.

#1 I have no words to describe this. This is the most genius tattoo I have ever done to transform this woman’s scar into this. Report

Jesse Whitley is one of the incredible tattoo artist. Whitely is the owner of the Stagecoach Tattoo Co. in Lubbock, Texas. Whitely told that well-experienced tattoo artists are the ones who can deal with the birthmarks, they tattoo directly over the scar tissue without damaging the skin because the affected area’s skin is holding ink differently than normal skin.

#2 This tattoo is by artist Gustavo. Check this out and see the differences in before and after photo

empowertattoo Report

#3 This scar happens on a childhood domestic burn.

pinkdermographie Report

The health experts said that tattoo ink is less able to absorb scarred skin because scarred ink is harder and more irregular. it causes the tattoo look blurred. That’s the reason to choose a more experienced artist to do these kinds of tattoos. Scarred tissues are more sensitive to the needle than other parts. When covering up scars that caused nerve damage or compression, the pain is extremely high.

#4 Make the most of what you’ve got

tomsandys Report

#5 No words to describe. It is perfect

camurtattoo Report

#6 A scar into a tattoo

raquelgauthier Report

#7 Birthmark transforms into a rock and a lily

studiobysol Report

#8 This tattoo covers the scar completely

Yulinka17 Report

#9 This is my first tattoo, covered the old self-harm scar nicely.

henrytwood Report

#10 It is very creative to integrate the scar instead of covering it

dimistattoo Report

In the past. Everyone told her to do plastic surgery when the scar was still fresh. But after some time passed it stopped bothering me. When I was near to 30 years old. I thought to tattoo something meaningful to me that I had been meaning to get a tattoo for the longest time

#11 Another interesting art around the scar.

nein666_tattoo Report

#12 My nephew finally covers the scar with this tattoo. It makes me very happy

ImaGeisha4u Report

#13 This is a great

hellcock Report

#14 This scar is 40 years old. But now it is cherry blossoms and butterflies. Report

In the middle of the night, decided to cover my scar with a lovely memory I have. So, I met extremely talented tattoo artist Arnab. He was also happy to hear this idea

#15 Another birthmark transforms into a wine glass

guesspre Report

#16 Scar to a fishbone

pimpotattoo Report

#17 The scar is gone and the lion roared

medikaldovmeler Report

#18 Some art did to the scar

Dasgoog Report

Deepali told that This was her first tattoo machine. she had a few needle pokes before, but they all are for experiments. she also told that because she is going to tattoo a pet lover and a friend of hers. she can trust and did the work nicely

#19 Stitching the scar

pat_theblackcattattoo Report

#20 c section covered nicely with a tattoo

ngocliketattoo Report

#21 Hook with shadow, so realistic

halfrican_art Report

#22 Covered the scar successfully

michallyszczarz_dotbull Report

Deepali warned it will get some pain, but the process was finished in a 3-hour session. the scar area was mostly dead skin. I can be honored that I sit without shaking. I was so happy to have this tattoo. Now my cat Billu felt like he’s getting all that love with the tattoo.

#23 My dog is running over my scar

FLSTSBrider Report

#24 Scar turned into a love

screaminktattoos_ Report

#25 Rainbow Report

#26 Update on my tattoo to cover some surgery scars.

gilbertthefishx Report

When you get a tattoo you feel like you are a different person. also, you felt that the pain is something that has in your mind and we can suffer anything much more than we think it’s only us who give meaning to our scar

#27 I choose to get a tattoo on my scars. After some laser scar treatment.

Round-Net-2260 Report

#28 A sleeve of snowflakes between birthmarks that have to convert into clouds

nimketattoo Report

#29 She wanted this to cover her birthmark

teetattooing Report

#30 Pawprint around a birthmark

hneuburger33 Report

#31 Another scar turns into fish

michaelmansfieldtattoos Report

#32 Tiny birth, mark stylish art

goldfatherink Report

#33 Scar covered nicely

mrhillstattoo Report

#34 Tattoo adds beauty to the scar

nicowagnertattoo Report

#35 This is beautiful art to cover the tattoo

joharrisontattoo Report

#36 Birthmark turns into a cherry

electrik_ink_timisoara Report

#37 Butterfly scar

abbeyxhalfaxa Report

#38 Nicely covered

Mrobinson4594 Report

#39 The first part of scar covering is done. Still going to add cherry blossoms and background

nervous_simulation Report

#40 A different one. Outlined to cover the birthmark

jwhitley2041 Report

#41 Another wine glass to cover a birthmark

uhhhhtaco Report

#42 Tattoo covered the scar

nick9824 Report

#43 An hour work transforms the birthmark into a mustache

xris.buck Report

#44 This scar served as a bench for a Monsieur le baron

lucanetattooshop Report

#45 When there is good creativity. No scars are impossible to transform

jannickewiesehansen Report

#46 Scar transforms into a whale

idan_ditchi Report

#47 An unbelievable cover-up Report

#48 Thanks to the customer for coming in to get this flowery scar distraction. instead of hiding the scar, we integrate the scar into our design.

anthonyinkco Report

#49 Another brilliant cover-up

archiii_ink_art Report

#50 Funny way to cover the scar

sebastiaan0172 Report

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