Carlos Velasquez, aka Velco, specializes in creating unique, textured tattoos. He has been tattooing since 2019 and has mastered his skill since then. When he started this tattoo art, he only did fine lines because he wanted to become more familiar with the skin, needle, and ink. Then he started exploring different techniques and found the dotwork effect thanks to a client who requested to add shading to the tattoo. That texture attracted me, and it is incredible how it changed the direction I took with tattooing.

Scroll down and check out images of his fantastic tattoo style in the below gallery.


20 Images of Gorgeous-Looking Textured Tattoos

Sasaka & David are the ones who help him with the basics and culture of tattoos and also with finding his style and path within the tattoo industry.


Feelings, thoughts, and experiences inspired him. Velco loves to have a conversation with his clients. Almost every client that came to him shared photos of their lives and realities.


He said his crucial project in the upcoming years is to work in different cities and countries to discover their cultures and foodways, as well as 2D modeling and animation.


















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