There are a few things you can feel about Christmas these days. One of them is the extreme cold felt by the body. Surprisingly, extreme cold is prevailing worldwide, surpassing all geographical factors. This is how it happens. We have no right or clear idea. In some countries, the temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius. That’s why Santa climbs in a snow cart and comes to deliver Christmas presents.

Santa Claus,

Other things to see at Christmas are Christmas presents and Santa. With this cold Christmas, the dreams of the little ones are filled with Santa Claus looking for the little ones in the snow cart, picking up presents. I can’t even imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus or Santa Claus. The character of Santa Claus we see today is socialized by St. Nicholas the Bishop who lived in the 4th century in Myra, Greece. From the various stories about Bishop St. Nicholas, it appears that Bishop St. Nicholas took great pleasure in giving gifts and crops to poor children.

Children’s storytellers and artists created the modern-day Santa Claus character. There are different opinions about where Santa Claus lives in the world. But it is widely believed that Santa Claus and his wife, Mrs Claus, live in the North Pole. Throughout the year, these two are engaged in listing children around the world as good children and bad children. According to those lists, the gifted crop is prepared by Santa Claus. Because of this, he is a busy person every day of the year. A group of mites help Santa Claus prepare a gift basket for the kids. Santa Claus distributes Christmas presents to millions of children throughout the night.

This is a very strange illustration. But Santa Claus, the unique symbol of Christmas, has become an insensitive figure in the face of commercialism today. Santa Claus distributes Christmas presents to millions of children throughout the night.

Christmas Tree,

Another critical component of Christmas is the Christmas tree. The main element of Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be seen creating and decorating many homes across cultural boundaries during the Christmas season.
The first artificial Christmas tree was created in Germany in the 19th century. Before the Germans introduced artificial Christmas trees, evergreen conifers were used at Christmas. The first such plant was reported from Riga, Latvia, and that was around 1510.
Christmas trees made from evergreen conifers were originally decorated with apples and grapes. Apart from fruits, sweets are also used in it. Candles began to be used to decorate a Christmas tree in the 18th century. It will change later with the use of electricity.

Although artificial Christmas trees have been introduced, Christmas trees are still made using naturally occurring plant species. It is estimated that 35 million natural Christmas trees are sold each Christmas in the United States alone, and there are Christmas tree farms in the United States to meet this need.
Today, Christmas trees are often decorated with artificial ornaments. Colourful light bulbs, glowing balls, gold stars, and gifts of various sizes are used for this purpose. As a result, the Christmas tree is more attractive today than in the past.

Predators on the Christmas tree,

Because of this attractiveness, the threats posed to the Christmas tree are increasing. This is because the Christmas tree attracts the attention of small children and pets at home. For young children, the problem can be solved simply and easily by giving a gift that is placed on the decoration of the Christmas tree. So young children can easily manage the threat of the Christmas tree.
But unnoticed by your pet, your pet will be tempted to ruin the Christmas tree for a moment. Because their very approaches are destructive; your pet can destroy the beauty of the Christmas tree in a short time, it misses you.
Therefore, protecting the Christmas tree from destruction by your pet is a separate project. So try the creative tactics to watch the Christmas tree from pets, and you too to save your Christmas tree this Christmas.

#1. To provide good protection for your Christmas tree from foxes,

#2. The Christmas tree is safe from the fancy dog.

#3. Placing a Christmas tree under the protection of cats.

#4. Full protected Christmas tree.

#5. The Christmas tree is entirely safe.

#6. Cats dress up for Christmas as they try to climb the Christmas tree.

#7. New Christmas tree for cats,

#8. Help the cat reach the Christmas tree.

#9. How can the Christmas tree have the freedom it deserves at Christmas?

#10. Keep the Christmas tree away from your dog.

#11. Sing of safe,

#12. Here is the solution,

#13. The Christmas tree is protected.

#14. Cat Proof,

#15. Dog proof, have you any solution better than this?

#16. How can he climb up? Please help.

#17. Decorate half of the tree, so your kitten can’t see the beauty of the Christmas tree.

#18. Hello, is there any Christmas tree?

#19. Dog can’t reach,

#20. You can’t climb; try to pick a star.

#21. Serious but safe,

#22. You can’t reach it, so it is safe, but your pet is angry.

#23. Pet and kid can’t reach,

#25. He is in confuse; what happened to the Christmas tree? Previous, I saw like this.

#26. I don’t want to climb your Christmas tree; please take off this greedy Owl.

#27. Completely protected by any enemy.

#28. Guarder,

#29. A new dimension for Christmas tree,

#30. Please find my Christmas tree,

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