Every perfect picture has hard work. If you want to get a perfect shot of wildlife, you need patience and a quick reaction to get the perfect shot. Wildlife photographers do tough things to get perfect shots. They have the skill to keep their hand steady for hours until the animal does some tasks they want to capture. This Canadian photographer is also that kind of talented photographer.

This Canadian photographer took this image when finding a grey owl for his blog. He didn’t give up and kept finding it in the Canadian forest. Finally, he accidentally saw this camouflaged owl, and he acted quickly and took the perfect picture.

The camouflaged owl blended into the tree’s bark is impressive. It is tough to identify it. The great grey owl is the largest in terms of its length. They can grow up to 84 cm long. These birds live exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere. They have a white color collar under its face that people call a bow tie. The bird breeds in coniferous forests and near open areas. This bird can survive in cold temperatures and temperatures over 100 Fahrenheit. They mostly prefer small rats or mice to feed. They listen patiently for prey using their great hearing and location-sensing abilities and catch them easily.

This camouflage ability helps it to survive and get away from predators. Their feathers allow them to keep warmth during winter. However, the researchers found that apart from feathers, they still have many tricks. You can see the photos that the Canadian photographer took of this owl in the below gallery.

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