Cabinet cards are a photograph style that was used in the early 1900s. These photos were hand-painted with acrylic paint to produce a completely new image. In 2014, Colin Batty hosted a show called “Meet the family” in Portland, Oregon and almost 100 pictures were painted and featured in that event. Moreover, it turned into a book of 100 images by the same name after the show.

The excitement comes from the challenge of making an illusion that sometimes reasons a double-take by the viewer. If you take something lost in history, for example, a faded and aged dull 100 years or older. The normal person can’t even look at it and add an element of absurdity to create a true fusion. The past and future are satisfactory. Creating a third version by taking
trifles and adding unusual elements is enjoyable and recommended.

Insane in the membrane

Little sister

Blazin’ groom


Mr Brundle


Blobby McGee

Ventriloquistically yours

Boys will always be boys

Lizard Twins

The superman

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