We all have different ideas of what our perfect house should look like. Some people want a small cottage in a small village, while others want a fancy house in a big city like Manhattan. But there are also some unique houses we might not have thought of before. These houses are not ugly, but they are very different and special. Do you prefer to see them?

We have some examples of cool houses for you to see. First, we have a Smurf house, which is a great design but needs to be a suitable place to live. Next, there are beautiful treehouses, which need to be more practical for living. Finally, some old cottages and townhouses are beautiful and make us want to live in them.
We have made a list of houses with various styles and designs. From unique and unusual houses to beautiful dream homes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can scroll down and look at the interesting images. If you see a house you particularly like, you can show appreciation by upvoting it. You can also share this article with your friends and family so that they can see the houses too. So, take a look and see which houses catch your eye!

#1 Seattle Craftsman Home from the Early 1900s

#2 A Comfortable Hobbit-Inspired House located in Richmond, Rhode Island.

#3 A pretty rainy and foggy day in the fall in North Wales.

#4 A nice small house from Finland.

#5 The color blue has been used to make this Victorian house in San Francisco look pretty.

#6 A house in London, England, with a wisteria plant covering the terrace on Argyll Road in Kensington.

#7 My uncle built a small house for himself, and lives in it. It’s like the houses in the story of Hobbits.

#8 A building in Highgate, London, that looks like it is from the Gothic style.

#9 Nice cabin in Iceland.

#10 A house built on a tree in Hangzhou, China.

#11 This is a small house made of stone in Edinburgh, Scotland.

#12 A Neighborhood popular, The attractive Ole Ask House.

#13 A house covered in leaves from a maple tree.

#14 A house in Austria that looks like a fairy tale.

#15 The Sun and Moon Pagodas in Guilin, China.

#16 The buildings and designs look like Barcelona Architecture.

#17 A perfect getaway into the forest.

#18 A house on a beach in the north of Norway.

#19 A small, fairytale-like house was made with red bricks in the 1840s in Hertfordshire, southern England.

#20 Torshavn, Faroe Islands

#21 French city of Orléans, Maison Barillet.

#22 Small Garden Cottage

#23 The Cutest Fairytale Cottage In The Cotswolds Is Rose Cottage.

#24 The Little Cottages in Grimsby did not let down.

#25 Porumbacu De Sus’s Fairies Valley in Sibiu, Romania.

#26 Right now, I’m in my sister’s insanely cozy home.

#27 Derbyshire’s Cromford Station Cottage

#28 Beautiful Polish house made of wood called “Kominyarski Wierch”

#29 Trulli, Italian traditional stone houses, Puglia

#30 Would You Want To Live In This House?

#31 Japanese house constructed in 1623. Yokohama

#32 Bucktown, Chicago / USA

#33 Carmel-By-The-Sea

#34 In the Pacific Northwest, A Witchy Treehouse

#35 The House I Just Purchased

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