There are many varieties of apples globally, such as red, green, and yellow. But black color has a purple apple, and these are called black diamond apple. This apple shines like diamonds is why the name black diamond has fallen and its huge exposure to sunlight.

These apples have got this unique color. But the growth rate is very low because this apple needs a low temperature. This apple only grows in the Tibetan mountains. Also, it takes between 2 years to harvest fruit from this apple tree, and it gets like 30 % on the market. This is why this apple has become a rare and expensive apple.

Ever heard of Black Diamond Apple?

This apple is named a rare breed of the Huaniu apple family in Tibet. Whatever the name implies, these apples are purple and have white pulp on the inside. Its color is thought to be because the height of the region is more than 3,500 meters.

This involves large fluctuations in temperature between ultraviolet light and day and night. The Black Diamond Apple on the market is around 50 yuan.

Ever heard of Black Diamond Apple?

It is said that these apple trees take about eight years to mature. But it is said that the growing season of these apple trees is short (about two months), which is why many farmers do not like to grow this apple.

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