Catfish are usually gray or brown, but did you know there’s a rare kind that looks like a big yellow banana? This special catfish has a genetic mutation called leucism, which makes it lose some color but not affect its eyes. It’s not the same as albinism, which is when an animal has no color at all. Only one in a million catfish has leucism and becomes pale yellow instead. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s say hello to this unique catfish and admire how much it looks like a swimming banana!


A fishing expedition was taken by Martin Glatz and his twin brother Oliver on a lake. Martin Glatz is a professional fisherman from the Netherlands. They were astounded and thrilled when, during their expedition, a massive yellow catfish leaped out of the water and settled in their boat. This fish had the appearance of a gigantic, giggling banana. This unexpected catch astonished both Martin and Oliver!


Just like other people who fish, they caught a lot of catfish before, but this time they saw an extraordinary one that amazed them. They took pictures with the unique catfish and then let it return to the water. They shared the pictures on Instagram, which became famous on the internet. Scientists, reporters, and internet users were all interested in the photos.


The whopper is a giant wels catfish (Silurus glanis). They are usually found in lakes and rivers in Europe. They are famous for being big and can grow up to 9 feet (2.7 meters) long and weigh almost 300 pounds (130 kilograms). They have dark greenish-black bodies with a few yellow spots on them.


The bright yellow color of the lemon-flavoured catfish may help predators find it more easily, but we hope it can still live and have babies like other catfish in its group.


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