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The Viking culture and Norse mythology are popular again these days. TV shows like Vikings, The Last Kingdom and video games like Valhalla are the reasons for that. Vikings were fierce, great sailors, and had excellent hygiene. Nowadays, the Viking culture is coming to the tattoo industry.

People like to tattoo Viking weapons, boats, and even their gods. This is a perfect example of just how widely these Scandinavians are beloved. This is a perfect example of how Scandinavians are loved.

Here is a list of splendid Viking tattoo designs. Scroll down and see what techniques you are going to have.



Tattoo artist Piotr Szencel said that Viking tattoos are pretty famous everywhere, But there is a difference between Nordic countries and other places because they express the same ideas. He thinks that the source of inspiration is more genuine in the North. The Viking culture is real and still alive, but it is hidden. Spencer told an example that, when szencel requested a tattoo from an older man, he showed a photo of a Hammer of Thor, which his family discovered back in the day, And remained a family treasure from generation to generation. He said that the necklace is now at a historical museum in Gotland. They did the same one on his chest but in his style. That’s a simple and popular motif for a tattoo, but that background makes it extraordinary.





Before moving onto the tattoo industry, Szencel was a graphic designer. His first tattoo did to his skin. Then he wanted to be a travelling tattoo artist. He worked hard to achieve his goal. Past 3 years, he visited almost every European country. Most of the time, he visited the North and spent a lot of time in Iceland and Norway. So finally, he decided to go to the North of Sweden. He is still living there.
Szencel’s tattoo is a part of a person’s half-leg sleeve in this tattoo design list. Ragnarok scenes inspired that client. So, Szencel decides Thor and snake Jörmungandr fighting in a storm and a Viking longship in the middle of the battle. They completed the whole tattoo in 18 hours divided into three sessions.





Mark Grey is another tattoo artist whose tattoo design is also on the list. Gray specializes in black and grey styles. 13 years of experience in the tattoo industry, and is still getting tattoos. He said that he worked at conventions across Europe and some unique studios in the The United Kingdom. But now, Gray has his private studio.

Gray thinks that mythological tattoos as a whole are becoming much more famous. He feels that pagan influences and deities are rising as inspiration as we are becoming more world and environmentally focused. Also, he thinks these old gods of nature are more relatable. Gray’s Viking tattoo is not focused on the raiding concept. It was designed to show Norse culture.





Gray’s client works in linguistics. He is interested in Norse, ancient languages, and culture. So, Gray felt this suited him very well and gave the piece more depth. Gray said that The Runicus shows many civilities in what may be perceived as raiding hordes, especially if someone read how diplomatic and forward-thinking some of the laws were. It is very relevant to his client
because of his interests. Gray thinks they are both a little Pagan at heart; It’s lovely to share the same inspirations with the client and design to suit him.
Before designing the base concept in Photoshop, Tattoo artists spent many hours researching and getting inspiration. Gray spent around 35 – 40 hours on this piece, and his client sat for 5- hour sessions at a time. Gray thinks mostly the arms are the most comfortable place to get a tattoo.














































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