The Main Types Of Environmental Pollution 5 if, Environmental pollution is the breakdown of the ecological balance that adversely affects the elements of the natural Environment. In other words, environmental pollution is the release of matter and energy into the Environment over a period that can be harmful and harmful to living things and individuals in the Environment.

Pollution can be defined as the toxic substance that enters a particular ecosystem and causes instability, disorder, distress, or inconvenience to living things or living things in it. Pollution can also be caused by adding chemicals or noise, heat, or light energy to the Environment.

The main types of environmental pollution 05 if, Toxins caused by such naturally occurring pollutants or other barriers are considered to be contaminated only if their natural level exceeds a certain level. Point source & nonpoint pollution can be divided into two parts. In other words, the introduction of any substance into the Environment that causes instability in the system or causes the breakdown of organisms or their reproductive functions can be termed as pollution.

Although it is a generally healthy substance, such as water, it can contaminate when taken in excess. The most widespread use of this concept is exposure to loud noise, which can lead to mental imbalances in the loudness of those who engage in military exercises, as well as the inability to function properly and to develop psychosis. Areas of Pollution: Pollution affects every aspect of the Environment. That is, it affects artificial systems or natural. This is due to human activities.
Atmospheric Pollution

The space around us is the atmosphere. There are different types of gases. Moreover, the atmosphere contains many different kinds of cycles. They are the oxygen cycle, the carbon dioxide cycle, and the water cycle. These act as natural cycles. In accordance with these, parts of the atmosphere are released, as well as additional gases, as well as other solid particles. This breaks the equilibrium of the atmosphere. This is called atmospheric pollution. In other words, air pollution is the deterioration of air quality due to the release of substances and energy that are harmful to health, adversely affect the Environment, and affect natural functioning.
Adverse effects of air pollution:

The Main Types Of Environmental Pollution 5

Difficulty breathing

Inflammation of the eyes.

Respiratory and blood-related diseases

Because of the birth of intelligent children.

Occurrence of neurological disorders.

Impotence conditions

Cancer conditions
Environmental problems caused by air pollution:

Occurrence of acid rain.

Depletion of the ozone layer.

Greenhouse effect

Optical chemical smoke
Water Pollution

The Main Types Of Environmental Pollution 5

The presence of water in the Environment varies. Exists as surface water, groundwater, water vapor and frozen water. In addition, there are three types of water: seawater, freshwater, and brackish water.
How to identify water pollution:

Water contains unwanted chemical components. (Examples Chromium, Oil, and Grease, Mercury)

Discoloration of water.

Occurrence of an odor.

Change in taste.
Consequences of water pollution:


Inability to use for human needs.

Loss of human access to food in reservoirs.

Lack of proper water supply. Lack of clean drinking water.

River pollution kills about 5 million people a year worldwide due to diarrhea.

Land Pollution

The Main Types Of Environmental Pollution 5

This is especially true of soil contamination. A change in soil structure and chemicals is called soil contamination.
Methods of soil pollution:

Changes in soil salinity.

Addition of non-perishable parts to the soil.

Soil accumulation in the soil.

Changes in soil network volume.

Soil erosion

Waste collection.

Breakdown of exchange.
Consequences of Pollution:

Decreased soil fertility and reduced yield.

Addition of toxic chemicals to food.

Destruction of soil organisms due to accumulation of matter in our soil.

Decrease in the amount of water that can be retained due to accumulation of silt in reservoirs.

Drying of network springs during droughts.

Noise Pollution

The Main Types Of Environmental Pollution 5

Noise in the general Environment does not cause inconvenience to live beings. But human intervention makes it difficult to tolerate artificial noises. This is called noise pollution.
Causes of noise pollution:

Factory Activity

Due to heavy vehicle noise

Use of loudspeakers
Consequences of noise pollution:

Having a mentally disturbed environment.

Hearing loss.

Vomiting and headache


Coastal Pollution

Adverse effects on the coastal zone are known as coastal pollution.

Coastal Pollution Procedures:

  1. Unauthorized constructions on the coast Garbage Disposal.
  2. Shrimp Cultivation
  3. Destruction of coral reefs
    Coastal problems due to coral reef destruction:
  4. Increased coastal erosion.
  5. Increasing beach beauty.
  6. Disruption to the tourism industry.
    5 Ways to Pollute The Environment If we manage it properly, we can prevent it from destroying our Environment.
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