The video Of A Cute Horse Photo bombing Maternity Photos With Infectious Smiles Has Gone Viral And Has Since Spread All Over The World

The day was going from bad to worse for Phillip Werner and Amanda Eckstein. They are locals of Indiana, and to mark the occasion of their pregnancy, they decided to organize a warm and inviting maternity photo shoot. Buckshot, a goofy horse with a lot of attitudes, decided to be the centre of attention when his stablemates stood for photographer Kristen Zaffiro. Buckshot stole the show. He flashed a grin in response to Zaffiro’s plea for him to do so.

According to a post that was made on the photographer’s Facebook page, the expecting mother had the most successful maternity photography she’d ever had because the horse smiled when she told him to. The photobomb rapidly went viral all around the world because of the 138,000 likes, 323,000 shares, and 30,000 comments it received on Facebook. After that, there will be a newborn photo shoot with a happy visitor, so we are looking forward to that!

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In honour of their pregnancy, the Indiana couple chose to have a special maternity session.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

They wanted to capture their horses’ final moments of waiting.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

A horse named Buckshot had a different notion during the filming.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

He picked up on the shoot’s happy vibes fast, and when the photographer playfully requested him to smile, he did it right away.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

And without hesitation. Unfortunately, the photobombing did not stop there.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen
Image credits: Photography By Kristen

A broad toothy grin made him look as if he was about to die of laughter before he stole the show

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

With his hilarious remarks. Since I rarely photograph horses, I had no idea they could smile! “I love the photo. I think it brought joy to people! Said the photographer.

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

Zaffiro admitted they took standard maternity photos after Buckshot’s personality shone through during the photo shoot.
“Buckshot is a ham,” she said. He is very entertaining. Amanda is probably rolling her eyes at some point since he loves attention. Nevertheless, he did stand still and posed well after that, and we got plenty of maternity pictures.”

Image credits: Photography By Kristen

Seeing your photos go viral online isn’t something you experience every day, so we asked Zaffiro whether she expected any of it:
My family and friend got a good laugh, but I never imagined that these pictures would go viral. It was fantastic to see the number of visitors increase. I hope the newborn photos do everyone justice!

People had to say about the hilarious photos that went viral on Facebook.

Buckshot’s smile might not be seen in the newborn photos until the baby gets older unless Buckshot decides to photo bomb the baby!

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