Remember that heartwarming photo from a few years back? It’s etched in our memories—the image of a person with long, silver hair cradling a sleeping dog in their arms, finding solace in each other’s embrace. That’s the story of John Unger and his faithful companion, Schoep.

John Unger welcomed Schoep into his life as a beloved pet. Nineteen years later, Schoep faced the challenges of arthritis and hip dysplasia. Determined to alleviate his companion’s pain, John discovered that floating with Schoep was a remarkable way to ease the strain on his joints and offer him relief.

A friend captured a moment of their bond, and the photo swiftly circled the globe, touching hearts everywhere. As their story went viral, the world took notice. Generous donations were poured in from every corner, empowering John to explore additional avenues to manage Schoep’s discomfort and grant them another precious year together.

Though Schoep has passed, the love and compassion captured in that photograph continue to resonate worldwide. Join us in celebrating their enduring bond and spreading the message of love and kindness

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