Timing is one of the most important when taking a photograph. Sometimes taking a picture at the perfect moment gives you a superb or hilarious picture. This theory is not only applied to humans; animals also face such situation.

We collected some photos taken at the perfect moment by talented wildlife photographers. Some are hilarious, and some are stunning, so scroll down to check them out.

#1 Show me what you got
23 Adorable Pictures of Animals That Were Taken at The Right Moment
#2 We are the same
#3 Take a photo with my kids
#4 They all want to babysit
#5 Is this pose okay?
#6 Good friends6
#7 I think I ate too much
#8 A sleepy baby turtle
#9 It seems it is going to start a fight
#10 The best place to take a nap
#11 Going for a walk with dad
#12 What is this thing
#13 What are you looking for? He is my best friend
#14 Having a walk in the snow
#15 I can play guitar
#16 LOL
#17 How is my new hairstyle?
#18 This is not enough; I need more
#19 Get me out of here
#20 A proud family
#21 Best selfie ever
#22 Not matter how many places there are, this is the comfiest place
#23 I miss you!

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