Is likely the most stunning equine breed in the world. The Akhal-Teke horse breed is widely considered the most beautiful horse in existence due to its unique and striking coat and sleek, slender body shape.


The majestic Akhal-Teke, the goldeп horse of Tυrkmeпistaп. Image soυrce: Imgυr

“The Akhal-Teke horse is very special and leaves a lasting impression on people who see it.lithe, light aпd spriпgy, glisteпiпg with gold iп the rays of the sυп, with its smooth glidiпg trot aпd a groυпd-liпiпg gallop.” These words written by Alexander Klimuk indeed explain everything.
The Akhal-Teke is a type of horse known for being fast, strong, innovative and having a shiny coat. People sometimes call them “Golden Horses” because of their coats. But “golden” in this case doesn’t mean they are sensitive. These horses are ancient and can survive in tough weather. There are around 6,600 Akhal-Tekes in the world right now, mainly in Turkmenistan, but you can also find them in Europe and North America.


Image soυrce: Reddit

The people who lived in an area called Turkmenistan long ago used a special kind of horse called Akhal-Teke for raiding. These horses were significant for making money and staying alive, so they were precious to them. They carefully chose which horses to breed and passed down information about the horses’ families by talking about it from generation to generation.
Horses were trained and taken care of in remarkable ways. This included covering stallions from head to toe with up to seven felt layers, making their hair short and shiny. Before going on raids, they were given very little food to prepare them for long rides through the desert with no water or food. This way, the horses were both beautiful and strong.


Aп Akhal-Teke showcased iп St Petersbυrg. Image credit: Catheriпe Todd

The Russians called these horses “Argamaks,” which means divine or sacred horses. In ancient China, they were known as “heavenly horses.” Chinese emperors went on two expeditions to get these horses because they were precious for their speed, stamina in the desert, and loyalty to their owner.
They were correct. In the end, getting the Akhal-Teke horses helped China win future battles against their nomadic neighbours.


The Akhal-Teke caп have other colors thaп gold, bυt the distiпctive shiпe is always there. Image credit: Twitter

Akhal-Teke horses come in many different colors. Those that are cream, palomino, or bayo-cream often have a shiny look to their coat, making them look like they have golden hair. The same thing happens with white horses, grey horses, or pearl horses – they look like they have silver hair.
The attractive shiny look on some horses is caused by proteins in their coat. When light shines on them, they give off a metallic shine. However, horses with dark coats do not have this effect, but they have shiny coats. The most valuable and sought-after coats are those of albinos and cremellas, which have silver and pearl-like metallic reflections.


Image soυrce: Reddit

Palomino horses are known for their golden color, called the “cream gene”. They are considered very beautiful, but all colors of Palomino horses, whether gold, silver, or pearl, are attractive.

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