Meet the Endoxyla cinereus moth, a giant species belonging to the world’s largest moths. Found in forests across Australia and New Zealand, these moths can grow up to 1 ounce in weight and have a wingspan of 10 inches, with females being twice the size of males.


Explore the Majestic Giant Wood Moths

Recently, a massive Endoxyla cinereus was discovered on a school building site in Australia, unable to fly due to its weight. Unfortunately, this big moth only has a few days to live before mating and then passing away.


Explore the Majestic Giant Wood Moths

Construction workers at Mount Cotton State School found a big female wood moth while working on a new school building near a rainforest. They took pictures of their discovery and then released the moth back into the wild.


Explore the Majestic Giant Wood Moths

Witchetty grubs, large insect larvae, live inside eucalyptus trees for about a year. They come out as caterpillars and use silky threads to drop down to the ground. The caterpillars eat the tree’s roots and then change into their final form, which is very big. This information is from the Australian Museum.


Small male moths can fly short distances to find female moths for mating on the ground. If mating is successful, the female moth will lay around 20,000 small eggs that turn into witchetty grubs. But, people rarely see the big moths because they die soon after the mating process, which uses a lot of energy, says the Australian Museum.


The school was closed after a giant moth was found. The students were not able to witness the big bug. But, they used pictures of the moth to write a story about a “giant moth attack.” Their teacher, “Mrs Wilson,” was eaten in the story by the moths. This information was shared in a statement by the school.


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