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The atmosphere contains about 21% of oxygen, the gas that gives life to every living thing in the world. This is because of the oxygen requirement of the glucose-burning process in our body’s cells. We cannot live without inhaling oxygen for more than a few minutes. Oxygen is helpful for many purposes other than respiration, such as combustion. Photosynthesis is the only process that adds oxygen to the atmosphere, which provides life to many organisms and is helpful for many other purposes.

The layer above the Earth’s atmosphere is called the ozone layer. Ozone gas molecules are abundant in this layer. The binding of three oxygen gases forms an ozone molecule. Although it acts as a greenhouse gas in the lower atmosphere, ozone gas molecules prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere.

What is this oxygen? 

Oxygen is a gas. Oxygen in the atmosphere exists as molecules. Oxygen, which has no color, taste, or odor, is the most active ingredient. Oxygen is also able to form oxides with other elements quickly. It binds to various features such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sodium, and silver. Oxygen contributes to the formation of hundreds of thousands of organic compounds.

Oxygen undergoes a cyclical process in nature. There is called the oxygen cycle. During photosynthesis, vegetation produces oxygen. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere as an antidote. Plants and animals breathe oxygen from the atmosphere. Combustion also uses oxygen from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide released by organisms during exhalation significantly contributes to plant food production. Thus, the oxygen produced as a by-product of photosynthesis is released into the atmosphere. This happens in the long run as a cycle.

Advantages of Oxygen –
01. Oxygen is the essential air for living things to breathe.
02. It helps to burn oxygen liquid.
03. Oxygen acetylene flame during metal welding Produces.
04. Providing to patients during medical surgery Oxygen is needed.

Here are some everyday things to know about oxygen.
01. Ammonia gas, methanol, and By reacting ethylene oxide
02. Oxyacetylene produces a flame.
03. Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen gas.
04. The interior of the Sun is the third most common. The element is oxygen.
05. 1% of the total mass of the Sun is oxygen.

06. One of the two Greek words for axis and gin The word oxygen is formed. ( Oxis means acid, gin means Ways to make.)
07. 2 2/3 of the mass of the human body is in water. It also contains 9 – 10% oxygen.
About half the mass of the Earth’s core Contains an approximate amount of Management Oxygen. Oxygen gas dissolves in water. (Fish breath dissolves in water Oxygen.)
Rockets are used for spacecraft fuel. But fuel burn. Oxygen gas is essential in space outside the atmosphere: no oxygen or other gases. Therefore Oxygen gas to rocket fuels Management Mixed.

We have to protect this gas that gives life to every living thing in the world.

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