Let’s protect the only ozone layer on Earth that depends on life. Especially in other and year-round. People have a lot to live for. They think that money, vehicles, land, house are the things that are needed to sustain life. But when you think about it for a moment, you realize that it is not true. Proper functioning of nature is the key to sustaining human life. Due to the constant release of oxygen into the atmosphere by the formation of life on Earth and the continuous photosynthesis process, the release of oxygen further increased the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen plays a major role in saving lives.

01. How is ozone formed? 

Oxygen, which enters the atmosphere due to photosynthesis, decomposes into two atoms, absorbing the energy of ultraviolet light. This dissociated oxygen atom combines with oxygen to form ozone gas.

02. How does ozone protect the Earth?

The ozone layer took a long time to form. The ozone layer acts as a shield, protecting the Earth from the harmful rays of the sun. 

03. How is the ozone layer important for the survival of the planet?

Without ozone depletion, life on Earth would be confined to the depths of the ocean. Biodiversity on Earth and the spread of life around the world are due to the formation of the ozone layer. Moreover, the formation of multicellular organisms and the evolution of animals and plants is due to the formation of the ozone layer. Life, which was limited to the ocean floor, migrated from the ocean floor to the wetlands and from the wetlands to the mainland and spread throughout the Earth. Depletion of the ozone layer causes many health and environmental problems. 

04. What are those health issues?

Damage to the ozone layer causes the sun’s rays to reach the Earth directly. Such high-intensity ultraviolet rays can cause skin diseases. Accordingly, 

01. Skin burns 

02. Premature aging of the skin 

03. Skin cancer Takes place. 

It reduces the risk of eye damage and damage to the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of developing diseases, especially infectious diseases. As well as causing various respiratory diseases, there is also a genetic mutation. 

05. Does damage to the ozone layer only cause health problems?

Not only health problems but also environmental and other issues arise. Damage to the ozone layer and direct exposure of the Earth to ultraviolet light inhibits plant growth. The decreased yield of legumes, in particular, can lead to protein deficiencies in humans due to improper grain production. 

Ultraviolet light can also travel through water, destroying fish and amphibian eggs. It causes declining fish and amphibian populations, and large fish are starving due to the destruction of aquatic flora. 

As the temperature rises, so does the ocean water level. Landslides due to the melting of liquids and glaciers pose a major threat, especially to islands like Ceylon and Maldives. Damage to the ozone layer increases global warming and changes global climate patterns. Due to the change in the formation of clouds, there is no rain in time. 

As the temperature of the atmosphere rises, the reaction rate increases, and the destruction of the ozone layer accelerates.

06. What causes ozone depletion?

To date, many hazardous chemicals have been identified in the ozone layer, and halogenated hydrocarbons have been found to contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. Not all chemicals contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer in the same way.

Life on Earth is on the ozone layer, and one day it will be destroyed, and the Earth will become another lifeless planet.

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