Depending on mood or the occasion, some tattoo designs need to be easily shown off or covered up. So, the legs are the perfect location for these kinds of tattoos. There is plenty of room to fill on the legs, especially the thigh area. Tattoos in the thigh area won’t be seen very often unless you wear short skirts and shorts.

Calves are also suitable for small designs. Other places, such as ankles and knees, also can give some space for tattoo art. However, these areas don’t include many protective tissues. So, most of the, time, it can be painful.

Did you ever think about having a tattoo on your leg? If so, what kind of tattoo design you are going to ink? Don’t worry; we are going to help you. Here are some most artistic tattoo arts and some information about them with highly talented tattoo artist Sebastian Quick. Check them out and take some inspiration from them. Also. Don’t forget to comment on your ideas in the comment section.

#1 Wonderful Leg Sleeve Tattoo

fabio_tattooartist Report

Sebastian Quick is a Swedish tattoo artist. His story can take some inspiration for someone who plans to have a leg tattoo.

So, in his thoughts, he prefers more large tattoos. Before being a tattoo artist, Sebastian was a painting artist. So, his work comes to its maximum potential when he is allowed to approach a unique tattoo art as when he approaches a painting project. Sebastian likes any body part, which has more room for a big tattoo. He said that Legs are generally suitable for these kinds of tattoos because there are plenty of large areas and smooth and flat. Other than that, legs are indeed limbs, so he said that the biological structure of the legs inspires him to always pay attention to the movements and dynamics of the leg’s joints, curves, bends, etc.
Sebastian also accepts that legs are less attractive because they are hidden. Sebastian also said that hair might be another issue that can affect the entire tattoo.

#2 Leg Tattoo

art_tattaow Report

The legs are a great place for larger tattoos because it has a larger area for tattooing than most people think. Sebastian said it is essential that the client needs to understand.

He also said that people are not considering the legs because they generally relate less to the lower body when compared to the upper body. Compared to the arms, legs usually are less attention, but sometimes that can be a good thing. Because think if you are planning to have a tattoo that has very personal meaning and don’t want to show others, the legs are the most suitable location for that not only for remaining more hidden but also legs are also perfect for large size tattoos.

#3 healed Moby dick piece

mistertroshin Report

#4 wonderful Egypt concept

lumina_tattoo_studio Report

#5 another leg tattoo

official_tattoo_gram Report

#6 amazing tattoo art Report

#7 first session of a legend

pirojenko_tattoo Report

#8 poppy looks like real

gilbertavita Report

#9 another one from the archives

roxx_____ Report

#10 started bec’s left leg today. Right shin and foot are all well and truly healed and settled

ebony_mellowship Report

#11 very happy how this tattoo turned out

masihahn Report

#12 this one is magic

castlebasas Report

#13 it’s one of the epic tattoos so far

lahhel Report

#14 a nice still shot of the huge piece I did the other week

ryansmithtattooist Report

#15 simple but effective

haivarasly Report

#16 an octopus tattoo

fiefurie.lamachineinfernale Report

#17 a pointillism art Report

#18 soft and trembling

thekillingtreeclothing Report

#19 his first tattoo. A solid start on this forest theme leg. Great effort

harrison_tattoo Report

#20 map of middle earth

bymissjenn Report

#21 leg sleeve tattoo by matt Curzon out of “empire” in Prahran, Australia

suubzs Report

#22 two years healed corpse bride and nightmare before Christmas leg sleeves

julian.siebert Report

#23 it is awesome; it is a collaboration tattoo made by three various artists

paulapelkone Report

#24 two days

haivarasly Report

#25 two planet-flowers

masihahn Report

#26 awesome leg tattoo

the_original_syn Report

#27 another leg tattoo

theblacksheeptattoostudio Report

#28 front side of mary’s leg

kaelintaichee Report

#29 a geometrical pattern. Amazing

lahhel Report

#30 quick progress pic on the fairy folklore leg sleeve

ralkinz Report

#31 my natural habitat

banana_llama7 Report

#32 look at that owl! Very realistic

therambunctiousape Report

#33 I did this last or this year, I can’t remember exactly. But I like it.

timtavaria Report

#34 heart and brain

bombayfoor Report

#35 Disney!

blackstagetattoo Report

#36 stunning currawong

timtavaria Report

#37 tree of life

Alicezombie2121 Report

#38 this is my first tattoo. So, I’ve named her Tracy.

CosmicZelda Report

#39 floral art

kayagoncu Report

#40 wonderful

sebastiankristentattoo Report

#41 a pic of my tattoos

bumandvillainy Report

#42 amazing abstract tattoo art Report

#43 very creative

svenrayen Report

#44 cathedral tattoo

alice_dugas Report

#45 Los Angeles leg

ebone.capone Report

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