Living in the city can harm a person by forcing him to seek the comforts of nature. Fresh air, trees, and forest sounds can serve as a setback for someone who wants to get rid of the everyday stress they face. Created by Vimeo’s co-founder Zachary Klein, this is the inspiration behind the Beaver Brook Estate in New York. Klein, photographer Noah Kalina, author Steven Lecart and contributing artists worldwide decided to pay tribute to these outdoor sanctuaries with their cabin porn book.

Within its pages, the publication displays various huts, huts, yachts, and tiny houses that seem to belong to both ancient and contemporary fairy tales. The appropriate subtitle for Cabin Porn is “Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.” In displaying the ambitiously constructed stalls, the book’s creators hope to persuade readers to imagine their dream home as a retreat that reflects their inner world. Cabin porn is now available for purchase online.

Photo credit above: Noah Kalina in Sandpoint, Idaho

Photo credit: Maria Polyakov in Germany

Photo credit: Connor Charles in Sisters, Oregon

Photo credit: Haukur Sigurdsson in Kulusuk, East Greenland

Photo credit: Ethan Welty in North Cascades National Park, Washington

Photo credit: Sebastian Heise in Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Photo credit: Noah Kalina in Deer Isle, Maine

Photo credit: Jenn and Willie Witte in Bavaria, Germany

Photo credit: Anka Lambrecht and Lukas Wezel in Grotli, Norway

Photo credit: Brice Portolano in Zelenkovac, Bosnia

Photo credit: Jaime Diaz-Berrio in Tintaldra, Australia

Photo credit: Noah Kalina in Keene, New York

Photo credit: Noah Kalina in Scottsdale, Arizona

Grotli, Norway. SL emailed to KF

Photo credit: Noah Kalina in Pine Valley, California

Photo credit: Noah Kalina

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