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The polish crested chickens are famous for their extraordinary crest of feathers. The origins are unknown, but the oldest accounts come from the Netherlands. They have huge crests that almost cover their head. Because of these crests, their vision is limited. These birds can be tamed, but they may be timid and easily frightened.

During medieval times, their ancestors were brought by Asian Mongols to Central and Eastern Europe. So, this polish breed could have originated in Poland. In the 16th century, the polish was standardized in the Netherlands and declared a thoroughbred. Chickens can be seen in 15th-century paintings that show the chickens bearing a strong resemblance to the Polish. Also, the breed was broadly portrayed in Dutch and Italian paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries.

France finds this bird as an excellent producer of eggs. This bird was introduced to America between 1830 to 1840 and was favored by American farmers in those eras. In 1873, The American Poultry Association accepted 3 Polish varieties into their standard of perfection, and additional types were accepted in 1883, 1938, and 1963.

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