This distinctive chubby little bird is named the purple-crowned fairywren because it wears a violet-purple crown featured dark spots in the center. Because of this unique purple design, we can spot them easily wherever they are. Their stunning blue tail and light brown plumage give them an attractive look.

This bird is a species of bird in the Australian wren family, Maluridae, and it is native to northern Australia. Like other fairywrens, they don’t like living in urbanized habitats. They mostly live in a riparian habitat with dense vegetation, like well-developed mid-stores.

These birds are insectivorous and feed on a wide variety of invertebrates. Sometimes they eat seeds too. Purple-crowned fairywren is socially monogamous, but females with male partners will mate with other ones. The female bird builds the nest during the breeding season. The nest is dome-shaped, and they lay 2-3 eggs.

This bird is now endangered because of livestock grazing, fires, and invasive species. The Australian government and conservation groups have had active conservation to preserve and expand this bird’s population. We post some adorable pictures of this bird in the below gallery. Scroll down to check them out.

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