Let us see what is meant by breathing with harmful carbon dioxide gas. Climate change is one of the major environmental issues in the world today. At the same time, climate change around the world is becoming an unavoidable environmental problem. Climate is the long-term average weather conditions prevailing in a place. Climate change is a set of changes in the climate over time.

Depending on the shape of the Earth’s orbit, the inclination of the Earth’s orbit, and sunspots, the Earth’s hot and cold seasons occur from time to time. They are also natural changes in the climate. It was confirmed that the temperature of the environment is increasing day by day. This was due to the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Breathing With Harmful Carbon Dioxide Gas, Increased ambient temperature.

If the Earth’s carbon dioxide concentration doubles, the temperature will rise by 5 degrees Celsius, and various reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have identified that the Earth’s temperature will rise by 3.7 degrees Celsius this century. Because of this, there is a clear correlation between carbon dioxide concentration and global warming. By the end of the 1980s, it had been discovered that the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to human activities increased global warming.

At the World Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, the major environmental issues in the world were explained. Climate change was identified as a major issue here. Fossil fuel burning and deforestation are major contributors to global warming and climate change. The forest absorbs carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere by deforestation. Fossil fuels are one of the most useful resources in a country and cost millions of years to make. Once fossil fuels are burned, they are deposited in the atmosphere. This causes the accumulation of unwanted waste into the environment. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are more favorable to society.

In the absence of these gases, the ambient temperature is about minus 15 degrees Celsius. If that happens, people will not be able to live. The layer of greenhouse gases above the Earth, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen oxides, is vital to the Earth’s existence. About half the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by humans into the environment can be absorbed by trees and the sea. The amount of carbon dioxide remaining remains in the atmosphere. Then the ambient temperature increases every year.

There are two mechanisms by which the Earth absorbs carbon dioxide: photosynthesis and dissolution in cold ocean water. As the temperature rises, the sea temperature rises. Then the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved decreases. Tree pruning releases more carbon dioxide into the environment than it absorbs.

For these reasons, the current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeds 0.04%. This is an environmentally unfriendly condition. Solutions have been proposed internationally to control ambient temperature. It ordered the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. Accordingly, it was suggested that the amount of greenhouse gases released between 2008 and 2012 should be reduced by about 5% compared to the amount released in 1990. When a gas is released into the atmosphere, it can circulate anywhere in the atmosphere. From an early age, children should be trained to use electricity and water sparingly.

It makes everyone accustomed to not using electricity and water unnecessarily. Getting used to not using fans and air conditioners unnecessarily can reduce fossil fuel burning. It is also important to use enough water for one’s own needs. Otherwise, more water will be used to produce more electricity, which will indirectly increase the ambient temperature. Garbage piles up in landfills if waste such as plastics and polythene is not properly segregated and recycled. Under anaerobic conditions, methane is released as organic matter in the waste heaps. Methane is a gas that causes global warming by up to 30 times more than carbon dioxide. Therefore, people should be accustomed to consuming enough food to reduce the amount of garbage that stays in the landfills. Then methane production can be minimized. It is best to minimize the use of materials such as linseed and shopping bags and use eco-friendly materials such as cloth bags instead.

Materials such as plastics, polythene and glass should be further recycled to create alternative materials that can be used effectively. Then it is possible to reduce the amount of waste that stays in the landfill and reduce the amount of air that is unnecessarily released into the atmosphere. An example is the production of compost manure.

Glaciers melt as the Earth’s temperature rises. Then the surface water expands and the sea level rises. As a result, many countries are at risk of flooding. An ambient temperature above 40 degrees Celsius is an unfavorable condition. Every to prevent an increase in ambient temperature. A person must think and act personally. Before discarding things that are not necessary for the environment, it is important to keep in mind that “this is the environment in which I live, it must be protected.”

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